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Takamiuchi are similar-looking to human, but with a few minor differences.

On the outside, generally, a takamiuchi can be seen to be leaner but a tad more muscular than a human. Their muscle mass is usually leaner and lighter than most humans, causing them to be faster but with a bit weaker than a human with the same amount of muscle. Also, generally, takamiuchi have thinner arm, leg, torso, and waist width than most humans. To humans, takamiuchi seem to be very attractive to humans, it may be due to their natural scent.

Full-grown male Takamiuchi tend to have just a little more muscle  when compared to the female takamiuchi. When compared to an adult female takamiuchi, an adult male takamiuchi's height will, usually, be shorter by a few inches.

Full-grown female takamiuchi tend to start developing around 14, at a faster rate then human females, and when the fully develop, it is usually at age 15-16.

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The Takamiuchi, not unlike other races, have a few characteristics that separate them from the other races.

A Takamiuchi's eyes are usually a sandy yellow color of some sort, which ranges in shades.

Takamiuchi seem to be very resistant to parasites, because there has said to be a chemical in their intestines and stomach that slowly kill any parasites that enter a body of a Takemiuchi.

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