Location of Sengetsu

Location of the country of Sengetsu.

Sengetsu (繊月, Crescent Moon) is the oldest country in the world, located in the northeast of Higashi. It is a member-state of the Higashi Treaty Organization and possesses a formidable military, primarily due to their employment of dragon tamers.

Military Edit

Although small, Sengetsu's military consisted of a large number of weavers throughout its history, due to their relations with the dragon tamers.

Notable Locations Edit


Enlarged map of Sengetsu.

Dragon Valley Edit

Dragon Valley

The Dragon Valley.[1]

A large valley located in the northeast of the country, it is filled with rivers and surrounded by tall mountains. This is the location where dragons come to breed and where Dragon Tamers come to receive their partners-for-life. The only humans living in the valley, are the Dragon Council, a group of elders that lead the Tamers, and work with the Sengetsu government. The valley is said to be the place where dragons originated and was the location of a major battle during the wars that formed Sengetsu.

No modern technology is allowed in the valley, due to the elders' fears that the technology may pollute the pristine valley. The elders also only allow few select weavers that are chosen by Tamers as well as the Tamers themselves to enter the valley; therefore, no human other than those with powers in Madō have ever seen the valley. Lastly, the valley is the location of the most dangerous magical object in existance, the Soul Bead; an object that can strip away a weavers' use of madō, or give a non-weaver madō powers. For this very reason, it was sealed somewhere in the valley, and has not been seen for some three hundred years.

Sabriu Edit

A small rural town, located on the opposite side of the mountains from the Dragon Valley, on the plains of Sengetsu. It is the birthplace and home of Taiyō.

References Edit

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