Maija Rautio



Dec. 7, 1989


5ft 8in








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Maija Rautio (b. 7 Dec 1989 —) was a descendant of Valkoi monks. She was taught the mysticism of the Qi energy as a child, though never schooled in its use. Because of the combination of differences and similarities in utilizing Qi and Hakukon, Maija opted to tattoo her body with an ink that was particularly reactive to Hakukon. This allowed her to effectively use Madō with little difficulty. Although this also enhances the power of her Madō, it is also obvious when casting, since the tattoos will flare with light when energy flows through it. The secret to this form of artificial Madō is only known to Maija.[1]

Biography Edit

Personalities and traits Edit

It is relatively easy to emotionally touch Maija, since she had felt secluded for the majority of her childhood. She especially enjoyed praise and gratitude for her efforts, seeing it as a form of the recognition she rarely received in her early life. Maija greatly respects most other people, usually asking for mutual respect in return. To her, it was rude to not do so. However, she has a tendency to ask for less from the elderly, believing in filial piety. However, she does not follow filial piety with absoluteness, best personified when she stole hakukon ink and had it tattooed on herself.

Though gentle towards others, Maija could lock away the soft side of her when threatened with violence, becoming a dangerous opponent to fight. She strongly disliked the prospect of killing another sentient being, especially a human, preferring to incapacitate a hostile person. When forced to confront a monsterous being, Maija is less likely to show compassion.

Powers and abilities Edit


Maija's lit tattoos, immediately after firing a madō spell.

As a self-taught weaver and martial artist, Maija fought in a combat style not followed by any other known weaver. Her abilities were especially deadly when utilizing her full-body tattoos, though Maija noted that the tattoos had a limit that could cause life-threatening injury to herself if she overcharged them. Although she has proficiency in madō, the only spell that Maija was seen to use was the Kunpokpung.

She was given a katana, being told that its history was much like her own.

Behind the scenes Edit

Maija was based off of a trailer for the upcoming MMORPG The Secret World that was designed to show off the Dragon Society. She was originally created for the original rendition of Wazurai, but underwent major revisions when the setting changed to its current form.

Notes and references Edit

  1. Maija is the only known individual to have survived the Hakukon tattooing process.