The Kureman Navy is the seafaring branch of the Kureman Armed Forces, as well as the youngest of the three military branches of Kurema's armed forces. Its ships are designated with IKS: Imperial Kureman Ship.

Mission Edit

  • Sea Sovereignty: The Kureman Navy is in charge of maintaining sovereignty over Kureman oceanic territory.

History Edit

When Kurema's territory expanded to the seas, it became evident that a naval military force was necessary to cover this new front. The Kureman Navy was formed for this purpose.

Personnel Edit

Though the rest of the Kureman armed forces is well manned, the Kureman Navy has significantly smaller manpower. The Kureman Marine Corps is a branch of the Kureman Navy.

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Ship inventory Edit

Supercarriers Edit

The IKS Talon is the only supercarrier in the Kureman fleet. As a platform capable of launching defensive missiles and KIAF aircraft, the IKS Talon is a virtual maritime fortress.