The Kureman Imperial Air Force is most feared branch of the Kureman armed forces

The Kureman Armed Forces are the overall unified military forces of Kurema, consisting of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The armed forces of Kurema grew rapidly due to the Industrial Revolution, especially the already powerful air force, becoming one of the dominant forces on Earth. The Kureman Imperial Air Force is the first and oldest air force on Earth, as well as the most powerful to date.

History Edit

Origin Edit

When the Sengetsu rebels fled south in the aftermath of the Sengetsu Civil War, they quickly found the need for a standing security force to protect themselves from the wyvern population found in their mountainous place of exile. Veterans of the civil war trained volunteers to fight the wyverns and protect the exiled population. In effect, the men also became the first law enforcement agency: since their duties included maintaining the peace between the exiles when they were not rallied to fight off wyverns.

As the exiles grew in number and Kurema was established, law enforcement was reassigned to established police forces, allowing the armed forces to focus on protecting civilians from the omnipresent threat of wild wyverns. The armed forces continued to grow as some wyverns were captured and bred in captivity as mounts to increase the ability of the military to mobilize against threats. The wyvern cavalry became a staple element in Kureman war strategy, and was even extended to commercial use to transport goods more quickly. The Kureman 1st Army was established as a uniquely cavalry-based force, specializing in fighting on wyverns. On the other-hand, the Kureman 2nd Army was a ground-based military force that supports and leads assaults in conjunction with the 1st Army. The two armies grew to become the Kureman Imperial Air Force and the Kureman Army, respectively.

Budget Edit

The defense budget of the armed forces is quite large in comparison to other nations; a direct result of the Industrial Revolution decades ago.

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Behind the scenes Edit

There is a trend for naming Kureman vehicles: aircraft are named after birds and winged beasts, ships are named after the said creatures' limbs, and ground vehicles named after the sounds make by said creatures.