Kasei Fenix

Kasei Fenix

Mars' Immortal King火星 不滅王Fenix KaseiThe Immortal child


January 9th




5ft 9in






Ikimono Chenjaa

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Kiryu (Deceased)





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Kasei is a rebellious teen that hates following the rules and isnt above using his powers to get outta trouble, He hate the fact that hes an orphan and that he doesnt remember what his parents even looked like.



His childhood was normal up until his 5th birthday when his father started doing test on his DNA and activated the Genes of the Ikimono Chenjaa in him, causing him to act differently than a normal 5 yr old. Its around this time his dad unlocks his DNA further to erase the limiter placed on all Ikimono Chenjaa.

1st MorphEdit

Around his 7th birthday he wanders off and finds a injured peregrine, he goes to touch it and inadvertently adsorbs its DNA causing his to morph outta control into the peregrine. after about 3 days of this he finally learns how to control his morphing ability.

Parents DeathEdit

Discovery of what he isEdit

Present DayEdit


  • High Intelligence: Hes a child prodigy having been able to analyze large numbers of information and retain it for future use since age 5.
  • Heightened Senses: After absorbing Wolf DNA he was able to carry over the Wolves keen senses to his Human form, he utilizes his sharp hearing, and sensitive sense of smell the most.
  • Sixth Sense: This was gained by absorbing Shark DNA, he was now able to pick up the Electromagnetic Field that is Generated by every living thing.
  • Abnormal Strength: Tigers natural Strength was passed back over to him allowing him the ability to lift things 5x his size, at least for a while.
  • Increased Speed: His Speed is higher than most normal humans, he is able to clear a mile in 5 to 10 minutes, when at peak form.

Ikimono ChenjaaEdit

This is a race of Humans whose unstable DNA has been unlocked and have been given the potential to Morph into any Animal whose DNA they absorb. This allows them to morph into an already absorbed animal anytime after they acquire the DNA of that animal. Kasei was born of 2 Ikimono Chenjaa and thus has the this ability he uses it for combat, scouting and or spying. His favorite morph is the Peregrine Falcon. He alone has the power to stay in a morph indefinitely due to experimentation by his father.

List of available MorphsEdit


  • Inspiration for this was STRONGLY influenced by the Animorphs Series by K.A.Applegate