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  JAC is the codename given to him by the organization. He rebelled from the oni military 50 years ago because he was done with merciless killing of humans for the harvesting of genetic compounds from there bodies.


Appearance Edit

Jac is 102 years old but he has the Appearance ofa 19 year old . he has dark blue medium lengthemo style hairwith deep blue eyes that have been rumored to turn a crimson red when angered (which is vary rare). He wares a simple back t-shirt with blue jeansand apendent around his neck that has an ancient demonic saying that only his race knows how to read he. His closest friend is a Yomichouthat has been with him sense birth.

Personality Edit

Jac is a calm and collected with a haltered for senseless violence. When angered his demon nature comes out and he enters a psychopathic blood lust . However this is vary rare and has only happened four times in his life. He tends to keep to himself and mostly only talks to his yomichou that has been with his sense birth  but he talks in the language of his demon race  so nobody knows what they are saying. But on the rare occasion that he needs to speak to a teammate he can speak ten different languages and  is often used as a translator

Background Edit

Jac was born into a powerful oni family. His father was a highly ranked general in the oni army and his mother was a well known doctor so he was destined to be a great warrior, at birth his race is given a Yomichou which serves as a protector and friend to the oni in there long immortal life his being named Bijotenshi . For years he served under his father as a sergeant in the grand oni army. Over time he grew tired of all the killing of innocent humans for the harvesting and selling of the genetic compounds that is only found in special kinds of humans,  one day him and Bijotenshi where talking and they decided that they were going to leave the life of the oni and make a new life among the humans . upon his arrival he was picked up by the organization and was drafted into the translation department. He has been with them for 50 years and has been on many missions working closely with the organizations assassins.