Hokubu (北部, North) is the northern most continent on Earth. It is the only continent on which no nation, or form of government exists. It is, however, inhabited solely by the Frosts.

Terrain Edit

It is covered entirely by ice and snow, sitting at the planet's Northern Pole. The entire middle section of Hokubu is controlled by tall, snowy mountains. Just outside those mountains lies a few scattered lakes on both sides, though these lakes are extremely large, being able to be seen from outer space. No known vegetation exists in Hokubu, so it is speculated that the Frosts that live there survive solely on it's wildlife.

Races Edit

Frosts Edit

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Frosts, like most other races, have distinctive characteristics that separate them from similar-looking species such as Humans.

As stated above, a Frost's eyes, no matter their genealogy, will always be one shade of blue or another. It is most common that a Frost's eyes are an icy shade of blue, but there are occurrances where they are darker or duller in hue. It is not uncommon for an older Frost to develop a lazy eye or have sleepy eyelids, and this is seen as a genetic trait, not unlike Sickle-Celled Anemia in African-Americans.

Following the pattern of physical ailments, Frosts of all ages tend to have certain mental illnesses as well. On average, 24% of Frosts are victims of violent dementia, on a scale ranging from occasional flashes of anger to full-blown murderers, although the latter are less common. Another 17% of Frosts have schizophrenia, particularly those above the age of nineteen and under the age of thirty. Again, these ailments are attributed to genetics, and cannot be cured.

In respect to illnesses, Frosts are generally very hardy to diseases like rhinoviruses and the flu, and are immune to the human strain of HIV, and many other sexually transmitted diseases that would otherwise be life threatening to humans. They are, however, vulnerable to overheating an in some cases burn wounds do not heal as quickly as in other races.

Frosts, as their race's name suggests, also have the innate ability to use Ice elemental sorts (the french form of "magic" or "madou"). They have the ability from an early age, normally beginning to surface around the age of four or five years of age. Frosts generally hold more skilled and elderly tisserins (the french form of "weavers") in higher respect, and revere their knowledge and experience appropriately.

Wildlife Edit

Hokubu is inhabited by such creatures as seals, walruses, polar bears, various species of penguins, as well as hundreds of fish species. For the most part, these species remain near the coastlines, or by the few lakes in Hokubu, to sustain a decent supply of water. This causes the Frosts to remain in these areas, allowing them to have a decent food supply.