The History of Wazurai is an encyclopedia that details the events that happened within the Wazurai universe throughout the ages. It is highly comprehensive, taking notes and information from scholars around the world, and is in constant expansion as time progresses.


AD 100-150
The Khimayan Rakhate is formed.

AD 256
November: Protests occur in Sengetsu at the Town Square Protests. Eruption of violence leads to beginning of the Sengetsu Civil War.

AD 263
December: Sengetsu wins the Sengetsu Civil War at the Battle of Destined Pass. Sengetsu rebels flee to the south.

AD 264
January: Sengetsu rebels settle in the region of present-day Kurema.

AD 289
August: The Kureman Confederation is founded.

AD 299
July: Otso Wuopio overthrows Kureman government and instates himself as Emperor. Kureman Civil War begins.

AD 300
January: Kureman Civil War concludes, leading to the creation of the Empire of Kurema.

AD 313
April: Imperial Guard believed to be established with taming of wyverns. First air force in the world.

AD 317
September: Paghalay Civil War occurs. Communist Malamig Party retreats to the North. Paghalay Emperor dies of an unknown ailment, leading to the remnants of the Communist Malamig Party establishing themselves in the north.

AD 400
June: The first communist leader of Malamig dies at the age of 124. His son takes over.

AD 422
August: The city-state of Šarrakkad appears on records.

AD 441
February: The United Army is formed.
November: The Grand Rakhate Alliance is formed by treaties, and the Consolidation War begins.

AD 457
May: The Consolidation War ends with the victory of Šarrakkad.

AD 1407
Hasyjing takes over control of the Šarratum Circle and destroys the dominance of Šarrakkad, forming the Šarratian Empire.

AD 1411
Era of Expansion begins.

AD 1478
Small Paghalay-led skirmishes begin in Malamig. Assassination of Chairman Kahoy.

AD 1488
Attack on Malamig peninsula, leading to all out war between Malamig and Paghalay. Fall of Paghalay civilization.

AD 1769
The Industrial Revolution begins.

AD 1896
June: The Malamig Naval Forces was established.

AD 1912
March: The Kureman Imperial Air Force was established, replacing wyvern cavalry with planes.

AD 1945
August: The Emperor of Kurema signs the Treaty of a Unified Empire, ending the Empire of Kurema and creating modern day Kurema.

AD 1996
September: Creation of Project 45.
October: Subject 45's freedom.

AD 2003
March: Subject 45 begins the Nationalistic Movement to re-establish the entire Malamig regime. Gains much support.

AD 2010
December: A diplomat from the Šarratum Circle secretly leaks information about the weaver experiments funded by Kurema. Weaver Crisis begins. Kureman ultra-nationalists stage a coup and take over the country with the Winter plot.