Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki

Appearence Edit

Hikaru is unlike many other humans. He wears rusted armor on his left and right arms, and carries an oversized sword. He looks like a serious fighter, but he really is a lazy type of person who'd rather take a nap than brush up on swordsmanship. He wears a ravaged tunic, slacks, and a pair of shoes retrofitted with jets.

Personality Edit

Hikaru has a very easygoing personality, often shrugging off many insults hurled at him. He can be very comical at times, but he usually has a calm and collected demeanor. He rarely speaks, often thinking about many different things.

Background Edit

Hikaru is an enigma, even though he is classified as a Weaver, he has not shown any signs of magic powers. It's a wonder that he is in high demand as a professional assassin because he is hard to contact. Since he isn't very fast, he uses shoes that have jet capabilities, giving him the ability to reach speeds of 300 mph or higher. He also uses a giant sword he calls Tenshitou. The sword he uses seems to emanate a mystical aura.

Powers Edit

Hikaru has no magical powers that are known by anyone else at this point, but every time he attacks with Tenshitou, a strange aura always surrounds him. It is unknown if this is his Madō, or if it is something else.