An Elf (pl. elves) is a race of humanoid beings. Madō's arcane energies are the primary reason for the existence of the elves, so it makes sense that they would be magical in nature. All elves are exceptionally long lived and, at one point, were immortal, though the main races of elves have lost their immortality. Further, all elves possess glowing eyes, a sign of the use of great magic — a being of any race can exhibit glowing eyes while focusing or casting a particularly powerful spell, but the trait is innate in only a few races.

Appearance & Biology Edit

Elves have several characteristics in common. All have unusually acute senses and are able to see clearly even in low-light conditions. As a general rule, elves are also slim, athletic, and graceful. Furthermore, they all have large pointed ears that tend to be greeted with admiration or mockery by other races. Typically, older elves have longer ears than younger elves, whereas the latter's point upward rather than backward.

Hybrids Edit

Human-Elf Hybrids Edit

An human-elf hybrid is a person that results from a human and a elf parent. They are very slim, possess human hair, and skin features, as well as, elf body build, slightly pointed-human sized ears, more muscular legs and arms, elf eyes, and are very speedy. All hybrids so far have shown Madō powers.

Theians Edit

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Though technically not a cross-breeding species involving elves, Theians are considered a sub-species of elves, with biological structures similar to elves, though different in that their bodies are built to soar in the skies.