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Wazurai Earth

Earth, as it appears in Wazurai.

Earth (輿地, Yochi) is a planet inhabited by humans, demons, aliens, and other beings and the home of the entire Wazurai universe. It is the third planet from the Sun, and the fifth-largest of the eight planets in the Solar System. It is also the largest, most massive, and densest of the Solar System's four terrestrial (or rocky) planets. It is sometimes referred to as the World, the Blue Planet, or Terra.

Habitability Edit

The Earth provides the requisite conditions of liquid water, an environment where complex organic molecules can assemble and sufficient energy to sustain metabolism. The distance of the Earth from the Sun, as well as its orbital eccentricity, rate of rotation, axial tilt, geological history, sustaining atmosphere and protective magnetic field all contribute to the conditions necessary to originate and sustain life on this planet.

Landmass Edit

Earth has four continents and one large ocean. Its most northern continent, called Hokubu, is covered entirely by ice and is inhabited by the humanoid Frosts. The western continent, Nishi, is a large landmass covered with forests, dotted by lakes, and dominated, in the north, by mountains. To the east lies Higashi, the largest continent on Earth. Higashi to the north, is covered by ice. As you travel further south, plains and forests take precedence, and towards the center of the continent, a large mountain range splits Higashi in two. South of the mountains is a large desert, that dominates the mid-east of the continent. The rest of Higashi is covered in thick tropical forests. The final continent, located in the south, is called Minami. Minami is the smallest continent on the planet, and is the only one surrounded on all four sides by water. It is dominated by tropical forests, and has a small range of mountains that cuts across northeast side, and runs all the way down the island from northeast to southwest.

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