Dragons (ドラゴン, doragon) are a race of sentient beings that roam Earth during Wazurai. The dragons of the Wazurai world are reptilian, with scales, sharp teeth, and bat-like, membraned wings. They can develop the ability to breathe fire as they mature. Their color varies from dragon to dragon, and there appear to be some variation in features between different colored dragons, but all dragon colors were the same species. For example, a blue dragon possesses four cheek spikes, slightly curved horns, and two forehead spines while a red dragon, has wide, crescent-shaped horns, and two cheek spikes. Gold dragons have six cheek spines, crooked horns, and a 'beard'. According to legend, dragons could grow to be "larger than most houses" and that some older dragons could be confused with large hills. Their eggs tend to be the same color as the dragon's scales. Also, the color of a Tamer's madō is the color of their dragon's scales. Their scales are very strong, capable of deflecting bullets even on the underbelly. The wings are the weakest part on their body, composed of only a thin membrane of flesh. All dragons had matching color for their eyes and hide and possessed long, barbed tongues. All dragons ate meat, especially deer and other ungulates.

Life Cycle Edit

Dragons hatch from eggs. When first hatched, they are the size of an average house cat, but grow rapidly. When dragons reached about six months old, they gain the ability to breathe fire. Predators by nature, they hunt large animals, with an occasional fish or fowl and some plants, such as fireweed.

Dragons start to mate when they are young. They are unfading and do not die, unless by wounds in battle, or by sickness. If they have a Tamer, they can live on, even if their Tamer dies. It is believed that there is no limit to a dragon's size, as they grow continuously.

Trivia Edit

  • The concept for Wazurai dragons is heavily based on the concept layed down in the Inheritance Cycle.