Alternate names True Spirits
Inventor Erguer Adashino
Users Erguer Adashino
Purpose Offense/Defense
Type Madō
Class Summoning Madō
Color Varied

Bemalma are the spirits which manifest when Erguer Adashino uses his Madou to enliven an object or concept, and then summons that enlivened aspect of it. They usually manifest as a fog of some sort, with rough forms in some cases, but can be shaped into specific forms. As a Vidaclaro, Erguer has the ability to use his Madou to temporarily animate material, giving it a human form. He has only been shown to do this with precious gems, which fits with the fact that all Vidaclaro seen so far have been descended from animated jewels or rock. However, unique to him, he is able to combine his Summoning Madou with his Vidaclaro abilities, and create an even more advanced ability, which he uses in desperate situations only. He can use his Madou to enliven material, and then, instead of forming it and animating it, summon from within it its essence, the spirit of it. He calls this spirit a Bemalma. He can either shape the essence into whatever form he likes, creating a jewel spoon, or a table made of soot, use the Bemalma itself to attack the opponent, or use the energy of the Bemalma to fuel attack, temporarily killing it. Unlike his normal Vidaclaro abilities, he can use this on any material he likes, and even concepts. For example, he could theoretically create a Bemalma of the concept of evil, though that is far beyond his abilities, as such a creature would be far too powerful. He could also make one of a legend, or a phenomenon. Almost anything can be made into a Bemalma. The strength of the Bemalma also depends on the user's perception of it. For example, if one man summoned a legend which he had been awed by, it would be more powerful for him than for one who had never heard the story before.