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Alchemy: Black Flame's Sword
Alchemy Arm
Alternate names Magic Aura: Black Sword
Inventor Ryan Summers
Users Ryan Summers
Purpose Offense
Type Madō
Class Dark Madō
Color The Sake Bottle:       and      
It's flames are      
Similar techniques Alchemy
Shield of Alchemy
Illuminating Heaven

Ryan uses this version of Alchemy to manifest the skeletal right arm of the Alchemy Spirit, and it's sake bottle. The bottle can then spew out a blade of black flames to use in sword combat, or it can fire balls of the black flames as a long range attack at an opponent. Not surprisingly, it appears to use a large amount of energy. Though said by Ryan himself to burn everything that is touched by the jet-black flames, to the degree of being able to burn an entire forest.

Trivia Edit

  • Like it's base technique, Alchemy, this technique finds it's basis in Naruto's Amaterasu.