Maija wielding the Agni Katti.

The Agni Katti was a katana forged by an unknown Indian blacksmith. It was originally a ceremonial blade, though it was stolen and used by bandits. Its powers were stumbled upon by accident, which caused a fire in the bandit hideout. The Agni Katti was forgotten in the fire, later found in the possession of Maija Rautio.

Powers and abilities Edit

A blade capable of producing fiery flames, the Agni Katti was said to have a thirst for sacrificial blood, though its non-sentience left it a myth. These flames can vary in size and strength, making it capable of serving a variety of purposes in relation to fire or heat.

Legend says that the Agni Katti was capable of producing fires as hot as a bolt of lightning. However, this has never been tested, since a bolt of lightning is hotter than the surface of the Sun.

Behind the scenes Edit

The name has Dravidian roots, inspired by the names Mani Katti, Sol Katti and Vague Katti from the Fire Emblem franchise. Agni was a Hindu deva affiliated with the sun and fire while katti was Proto-South Dravidian for a sword or knife.[1]

Notes and references Edit

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